How to get Travel Inspiration

While I’m sure you can gain enough inspiration from my blog, unfortunately it’s taking me a while to get it up to date with a lifetime of travel for you all! So - I’ve taken the time to list my 5 top places to go when I need a little inspiration about life, the world and the universe. Hopefully, they’ll help to give you some additional places to go while you’re awaiting my posts about where to go and what to do when home and away!


Social media as a whole is a great way to gain inspiration, from Facebook to Pinterest, Instagram to Twitter, follow the right people and they will lead the light in giving you a hell of a lot to aspire to. But I’ve picked Showzee as my number one spot to find that excitement right now - it’s a brand new social media platform to capture your favourite experiences through mini stories of photos and videos. For me, I just tick to follow the travel posts and voila! It’s like a constant stream of images and videos telling me where to go and what to see. Up to 10 photographs per board, and the ability to share, spark (like) or comment on others boards - it’s easy to spread that inspiration to your friends and family too. Got other interests too? Even better as Showzee isn’t just for travellers, it’s for all interests ranging from fashion designers to extreme sports enthusiasts all the way to foodies and hobbyists! Full of like minded people, you will instantly be able to network with fellow travellers for a chat or to gain advice from their experiences with a chat option too! Feel free to check out my Showzee page here.

Travel Documentaries

Since I was small, I’ve always watched documentaries about the world around me. From David Attenborough and the BBC to Animal Planet hosting Steve Irwin, I’ve kept up to date with these programmes. Between these two men, and many other presenters I’ve seen a blue whale filmed live on TV (Thank you BBC!), I’ve seen rush hour on the Serengeti with the top African mammals fighting for survival, mountain gorillas in the jungle on the brink of survival. You name it I’ve watched in, and damn right every last one inspires me to see the world and more importantly, to save it! Just click over to the BBC on a Sunday evening or your best TV documentary channel, and let the good times come at you.

Travel Blogs

I am a travel blogger and I am very passionate about it, so I can’t miss out this one of course! Checking out travel blogs is really important, these guys (and I guess I am now one of them) know their stuff. Generally, to be running a travel blog they have been some pretty awesome places and will be able to give you top tips in any destination you want to get to. From general posts to inspire you all the way to in depth articles about certain locations and activities you are always going to find motivation when checking out travel bloggers thoughts. My top to follow are:

The Broke Backpacker - Will Hatton who has been a good friend of mine for years now and it was on many a night out in Exeter where he inspired me to go on my first big trip at 19! He also inspired me to start my travel blog over many a phone call and facebook conversation - I cannot thank him enough for all this and has helped push me to my limits. His upcoming adventure is making headlines everywhere so look him up; UK - PNG overland!

World of Wanderlust - Brooke is huge. She is everywhere in travel at the moment, and after just over a year of travel blogging has now published her first book about it = LIFE GOALS

#LJOJLO - This quirky Aussie couple are starting to grow and their blog makes for a great read, also reasonable newcomers to the scene they are growing fast so are one to watch!

MillieGoes - Because what sort of self promoter would I be if I didn’t mention myself?


Books and the message we can take from them lead to the best travel quotes out there. My favourite has to be J.R.R.Tolkien who wrote the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings with ‘not all who wander are lost’, but perhaps that’s because I’ve hit New Zealand and came back with a bit too much love for those books having experience the scenery that the movies were filmed in! But other great books for me include Peter Pan, The Beach, Around the World in 80 Days to name a few of the most obvious. There was even Wanderlust in the ancients time with Homer’s The Odyssey with tales of travel and adventure! And don’t even get me started on the number of movies that come out every day with travel aspects to inspire us!

Getting Out There

Finally after reading all this, the biggest inspiration has to be yourself. You need to inspire yourself every day. Now I’m not naive, we all have days, weeks, months and sometimes even years where we simply can’t seem to inspire ourselves and I understand why. In the world we life in and our media only throwing all the negatives our way we get pushed down, convinced that if we keep our heads down and work hard we’ll be happ and for a lot of people that’s all they need and they are happy - that’s great! But for you, if you’re reading this and have read this all the way down here you’re different. You’re like me, and The Broke Backpacker, and The World of Wanderlust, and Divergent Travllers, like #LJOJLO and the thousands of other travellers out there. There is never the perfect time to go and see the world, life always gets in the way and it always will - but I am telling you to go! The travelling community are the most welcoming and protective around, and once you join us you could be in the middle of anywhere and always have a home.

Feel free to always get in touch with me if you need help getting that little extra push of inspiration and I would LOVE to help. In the words of Russell from ‘Up’ - Adventure is out there!