Travel Mobile - The Global SIM

In a world where we are forever connected, when you're travelling it can be a serious pain to face either going without or agree to hefty fees. At home, for a low monthly amount I can have any questions answered almost instantly, communicate with friends home & abroad, work remotely and so much more - the world is literally at my fingertips. However, we've all heard the horror stories of leaving your data roaming on while in Timbuktu, leaving you with a debt about the size of the empire state building. So what if you could travel the world, stay connected but for a fraction of the cost?

Earlier this year I partnered up with Travel Mobile who told me they have a solution to the problem, that I can use my phone in over 100 countries with their international SIM card. Sounds like a dream, but how many of these International SIMs cards have worked in the past? They normally have serious complications, I've even been told I need to provide my destinations before travel. If you've read my blog, you'll know that I'm not the kinda gal who knows where she's heading more than 24 hours in advance...

Well I'm pleased to announce that, this thing actually works AND works well! I've spent the last few weeks hitting up Canada and Iceland (round two) and have managed to stay fully connected to you wonderful people the entire time.

The SIM card is ordered and managed through Travel Mobile's user friendly website, which allows you to order your card to a location that suits you, top up the card, add a pre-paid, money saving plan and manage all activation of the balance. Quickly delivered with clear instructions, it's an easy set up! All that's required is your phone to be unlocked and for you to advise on the size of SIM card required (they just seem to get smaller & smaller these days)!

From here onwards, it's just waiting to travel. When at the airport, you don't have to frantically screenshot maps of how to get to your accommodation for arrival. You don't have to frantically check messages until you reach the next wifi hotspot that may charge you huge fees to access. You don't even have to remember to flick that little switch to turn off your data roaming. Just change the SIM card once you're in international waters, relax and look forward to your arrival.

Probably my favourite thing about the Travel Mobile SIM was that I was never without signal. If the provider wasn't covering where I was it would either switch to the strongest available or I could flip airplane mode on & off to start a search. It meant that from being at the top of a mountain in Canada, or exploring the rift valley in Iceland, I was always in contact with you lovely followers! Unlike my provider at home, it meant I could always keep in touch.

Here are a few thoughts that will make your use of this product smoother! The easiest way to use the SIM, I found, is through your data. Whilst texting and calling is still easy to use, because you're using a different SIM card you have a different, international number which can confuse people when you're messaging them. To stop this confusion I messaged using iMessage, WhatsApp/calling via online methods; it still appears as you as it isn't as linked to your number. My only slight difficulty was making a normal phone call at first. Essentially you're required to call as usual, however it hangs up straight away and asks you to accept a call back. Very simple if you read the short instructions before use, however I kinda lost them... having the call back system basically makes it cheaper and still connects you to your voice of choice!

Now guys this is sponsored review and I was sent the product to trial without charge to test, however I can honestly say this product is worth using and I found it much easier than simply buying an add on pack for my current contract. I will be using this one again!