Tech 21 - Phone Cases for Travellers

It's hard enough to keep a phone from breaking when in your normal routine, but when you're constantly moving around to far flung destinations and ever changing environments, you need something that's going to protect it. I use an iPhone 7 plus, it takes great snaps & I can write up my adventures on it as it's large enough for easy typing / working abroad. But, they don't come cheap either and I really can't afford to break & replace it on a bloggers salary. 

So, turning for help I hit up google and came across Tech 21, phone protecting taken to the extreme. With a range of waterproof, dustproof and generally life proof cases I wanted to put it to the test and ordered a couple cases to see how they would fare against the elements in my next big destination - India. With only 3 days here, it was going to be full on. Between exploring, partying and doing some much needed shopping, I was ready to pop these cases to the test.

Evo Elite

The Evo Elite is a cute little case perfect for someone who doesn't want their phone to bulk out. Some of the shock proof case you can get double your phone size, which isn't so great on the already large iPhone 7. This has quickly become my day to day phone case, having a colour that matches the phone, being sleek in style and the ability to be dropped from almost 7ft and still prevent damage. Despite a number of drops and tumbles, the phone still looks almost new. Thumbs up on this one from me!

Evo Aqua

The Evo Aqua, while fairly complicated to actually get onto the phone itself, certainly does what it says on the tin. Waterproof up to 2m, it's perfect for shallow ocean dives or a day by the pool for the slightly clumsy. Unlike most waterproof cases, it's not too bulky and responds well on the touchscreen without too much additional pressure. However, if your phone has a cracked screen at all you won't be able to use it, as it doesn't have a cover on the front where the glass it.

NB. Sadly, after writing this post my phone screen shattered while using the Evo Elite after a 4ft drop after being knocked off a table onto the ground. While very pretty and easy to put on, it doesn't seem to fully protect from high drops.