JooJoobs - Personalised Passport Cover

Passports - the real ticket to new destinations. This is the one document you need to explore, and without it even a flight ticket won't get you anywhere. You can't even bribe your way over a boarder without one. When you loose a passport, it can be game over for further travels especially when you've had to apply for tourist visas in advance which are usually a costly process to begin with.

For me, it's my most precious possession. Not only is it my main travel necessity, but a way to track the places I've been - the stamps within it's pages are all carried with pride. It's also a great way to have a laugh with new friends looking over everyone's less than endearing passport pictures. So, when I'm on the road I keep it on me at all times without fail, and as you can imagine my passport has been through quite a bit. It's been dropped into the ocean, soaked by the rain, in & out of bag after bag after bag - it does appear as though perhaps it should no longer be valid...

Equipment ReviewJooJoobs.png

So, on the recommendation of UK boarder control on my last return I've invested in a passport cover to try and preserve my passports modesty ever so slightly longer. Thanks to JooJoobs I've now got the perfect fix!

I didn't want a tacky plastic cover that could belong to anyone, but I also didn't want an over the top designer style that just shouts to everyone around me 'steal my bag'. Without a massive budget, this cover is a great mix between style and class. The leather case is also highly protective ensuring that it is more than just a useless fashion statement so many covers can be. Having my logo imprinted on the front case, it's easy to identify in hostel dorms as well when accidentally dropped! 


Of course, these guys can personalise your passport with whatever you want. From your initials or logo, all the way to your favourite travel quote you can literally make sure you stand out from the rest. With it being so easy to damage your passport, it actually is an accessory that's worth a little investment. 

So do yourself a favour and make sure you invest in a passport cover to keep your passport looking pretty, so it doesn't look as disgraced as mine before I got myself a cover.