Vuglec Breg Vineyard - Croatia

The next part of my Croatian trip I headed over to the Vuglec Breg Vineyard in the Heart of Hrvatsko Zagorje, only 40km from Zagreb. I could not believe my luck when I arrived, it was the most gorgeous sunny day and the view was quite spectacular over the rolling hills. On arrival our group found a beautiful gazebo with a Croatian breakfast spread of cured meats, breads and cheeses but BEST of all, we were greeted by a table with at least a bottle of wine each to try! Safe to say I was fairly merry when I left a few hours later.

I think my favourite part of the vineyard was that it was family owned. When a business is kept in the family they seriously care about your enjoyment and will always put in 110% to ensure you're having the best time. The village was carefully designed by the family owners to have a beautiful combination of wide open spaces and romantic corners so that Vuglec can suit both families, friends and couples with a number of activities such as horse riding, archery and of course, making wine!

We were lucky enough that the owner decided to take us down to the wine cellar to show us around, and try some more wine of course! He told me that men who drink wine in Istra are called sommeliers, but men from Zagorje (his region) who drink wine are called alcoholics. The reason - these guys drink wine like water and they're happy for you to too!

Now I know those of you who consider yourselves as serious wine connoisseurs will question how good Croatian wine is, however I found it was actually rather delicious. The vineyard produces as range of reds, whites and roses with a couple sparkling numbers in there to mix it up a bit so there is something for everyone.

Photography by  Talento Production  

Photography by Talento Production 

If you're on a budget, don't worry. If you get a group together you can visit cheaper and if you have no budget you can expect an unparalleled service from the kindest owner you could ever hope for. They also will ship wine all over the world, so if you can't get to Croatia at least the delicious wine can get to you!