5 Tips for a Comfortable Flight

Business class, it's comfortable & spacious. You feel pretty damn good in that fully reclining chair waiting to take off, however just because you've jumped up from economy doesn't mean you're fully in the lap of luxury yet! However, you can always take it one step further and make yourself a little more relaxed on your long haul flight.

In-Flight PJs

You're getting on the plane and you don't want to look like you're a slob - I totally get it. But I also agree you don't want to sit on a plane in your heels and mini skirt with pristine make up for that 20 hour flight. So my trick? The in-flight pyjamas. You can stuff some into your handbag, and at this point I'm not ashamed to say I now even will take some slippers with me. You just need some leggings, a hoodie and make up remover to snooze, before getting up an hour before arrival to touch yourself up, change and be $1000 again before you even touch down. Some of the better airlines now even provide them for you in Business Class - and I have to say Qantas really do take the biscuit on this one! 

Keep Hydrated

On your flight you are going to be attacked by the dry air facilitated by the air conditioning. A necessary evil on a flight that helps keep the cabin fresh and cool, but does result in feeling like you're being drained of all liquid. Both for comfort and a health note, keep hydrated as much as you can. Match your gin & tonic with a class of water every now and again, you don't want to arrive feeling like sandpaper!

Brush Those Teeth

I don't know about you, but I always feel infinitely better when my teeth are clean. We brush morning and night at home, so why not on a flight? SO many people don't, and it's not because they're gross it's just because with the time differences it's hard to keep up. Also, when you're 38,000 ft up in the sky you're really not going to be thinking about it. I can guarantee to you though, it's going to make your trip more enjoyable on the long hauls, and most airlines now will even provide you with the toothpaste and brush as standard which can be found in the bathrooms.

Walk it Out

If you're on a long haul flight, make sure you get up and stretch your legs every now and again. The more space you have, the easier it is to keep yourself moving and stretching every now and again however it's still best to walk around! Even if you're simply walking over to the loos every few hours it'll help. On a serious note, it helps you with your circulation and prevents some actual issues such as DVT - you really don't want that.

Bring Your Own

A well known trick with the more seasoned traveller, sometimes when you hop onto that flight you want to get some snooze time in as soon as you flop into that seat. Being on the go constantly is exhausting and having to wait up until your meal is served can be a little frustrating. So, go back to basics and bring your own! However, do it with a little style. I'm not talking a cheeky WHSmiths meal deal from the airport, I'm talking a Gordon Ramsey picnic meal prepred and ready for your flight. Becoming more popular, you can preorder from a huge number of restaurants who'll deliver your meal ready for collection so you can chow down before everyone else!

Hopefully these tips will help you, but if you have any extra you think I should try just let me know and I'd love to hear them! Long flights can suck, but with the right tools it can rock!