Fly in Style Without Breaking the Bank

Lets face it flying isn’t what it used to be. Once upon a time it was the ultimate way to travel in style and luxury-  now it is just feels like the most convenient way to get from A to B. Mental Floss made a list of all the things that we no longer see on airplanes showing how the golden age of flying is now a thing of the past.  But, do not despair, it is still possible to make the journey to your destination every bit as stylish and luxurious as your endpoint. So, let's look at ways you can travel in style without breaking the bank!


Flying in style begins when you arrive at the airport. Many airports offer special services to make the very start of your trip that bit more exclusive. For example, Parking4Less states that Heathrow airport has a meet and greet and a valet service. This type of service isn’t exclusive to Heathrow either – most leading aviation hubs now have valets services that mean you can start your journey off in style. Using these services eliminate the hassle of finding a parking space and carrying your luggage to the terminal. 


Airports aren’t fun places to spend a lot of hours. Once you have whizzed round the duty free shops and had some food there isn’t much else to do. However many people overlook airport lounges believing that you have to be an elite member of a club to get in. Life Hacks agree that you don’t have to be a VIP to make use of the lounges. The best way to get into a lounge is either with a business class or first class ticket, yet there are other ways if you don’t have one of those tickets. If you are part of a frequent flyer club you might have enough points to be able to access the lounges. Many lounges will also offer a day pass. These may seem expensive but compared to the price of a business or first class ticket they are a great way to experience the luxury of an airport lounge without paying through the nose for the privilege! When they include free alcohol & food, it's normally worth the extra cost. 


We all dream of walking onto an airplane and turning left into first class. Unfortunately the cost of that left turn is enough to buy another holiday. For example, reported that flying suite class on Singapore Airlines costs $20,000. Most people in first class haven’t paid for their tickets either being upgraded through points or their company has paid for the ticket. The same also goes for business class, which can be expensive. To fly in style without breaking the bank we recommend flying in premium economy. Levelled between business class and economy this will give you many of the business class perks including cutlery with your meal and a larger screen to watch films. You may not get the champagne but you do get more space and that feeling that you are flying in style.