10 Gap Year Tips For Beginners

Gap years can be scary times. Here are 10 ways you can make your year out from the world that little bit easier.

1. Get Hired

In case you didn’t know, money makes the world go round. The only way to guarantee you’ll survive is with money, and finding work while you’re on your travels can help keep you afloat. It only has to be part-time.

2. Learn to Drive

Do this before you go. Getting around is made significantly easier by hiring out a rental car to travel about between towns. Even if it’s just for a day it can be a lifesaver when you’re in remote locations.

3. Make a Plan

Preparation is a skill that’s key throughout your life, but perhaps no more so than before you embark on a monumental journey around the globe. Make life easier by knowing exactly where you’re going and when.

4. Sort Out a Budget

On that note, it’s imperative to always make sure you’re sticking to budget. Saving is the key here, with it critical you work out exactly what you’re going to need to survive before heading out. According to the Secret Traveller: "If you’re travelling for a long period of time it’s essential that you stick to a budget, otherwise your money will disappear as quickly as that beer sitting in front of you. Spend time making a reasonable budget, and then stick to it."

5. Pack Your Pack

The last thing you’ll want when in the exotic climates of Malaysia or Hawaii is finding out you’re short on sunblock. Make sure everything you need is in your bag before jetting off for the year. It saves time and money when you’re there.

6. Check Your Health

Getting ill on holiday is never fun – and when you’re in a country with relatively limited facilities it’s even worse. Do your utmost to make sure you’re fighting fit before you travel and ensure the chances of illness are reduced.

7. Keep Energy High

When you’re away it’s easy to fall into lazy habits. Do your best to stay in shape by going for morning jogs, hikes or even cycles. This will keep your body in perfect balance - plus could give you a more positive outlook on life. Before you know it you'll be running up a mountain for that cracking sunset!

8. Don't Swim Drunk

Sure, it sounds like fun to go out on the jolly every night – but it has some serious repercussions when you go for a cheeky late night dip! Keep your wits about you and then you'll have a laugh, along with the trip on a lifetime.

9. Cook For Yourself

aking your own dinner from scratch every so often will help to save the pennies and also lets you gain a bit of independence. It's easy (and expensive) to go out for dinner every night, so put in some hard work and prepare your own dish. As advised by Nomadic Matt, "The only place where cooking your own meals isn't the most economical option is Asia, where the street food is usually cheaper."

10. Keep in Touch

Finally, it’s important to make sure you don’t lose touch with the rest of society. It’s easy (and healthy) to get lost in the world, however make sure you do just keep an eye on the news when you’re out and about! It's a also a great conversation starter with other fellow travellers!


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