Nerves On The Road

I regularly get told by friends, family and readers that I’m brave for travelling -  I'll take any compliment I can get so thank you travel fans, but I have to say that I'm obviously a cracking actress and should be sweeping up those oscar awards because most of the time when crazy things happen on the road I freak out just as much as anyone else. I agree, I somehow get myself into some ‘interesting’ situations, however that doesn't mean that when someone is shooting at me I'm not screaming and running for the hills, and I think it's the same for a lot adventure travel bloggers. I’m also not the first to admit that I would be the first gazelle eaten at the watering hole, I am quite literally a ditzy English lass who somehow found a love of travel.

What I’m trying to say in a fairly roundabout way is that anyone can travel. If you knew me on a personal level, you would know that yes, I am insane, but I started somewhere too. So what do I do to stop the nerves?

Make Friends

The best way to dissipate any fears while on the road is to meet some new friends! It’s amazing how fast you can go from a few nerves when arriving in a new country, or the start of a huge new adventure to the most confident person in the room. We all know that when travelling it’s so easy to start talking to new people, so talk away. Even if you’ve decided not to stay in a hostel dorm but have opted for your own room, there are loads of common areas and bars for you to get talking to. You’ll also find that taking day trips such as cooking classes, hikes, cycling tours - the list could go on forever with something to suit every interest.

For me, I just always think that ‘if we’re all alone, we’re all together’. The people you meet and travel with while away are the people you’ll create the best stories with. I love that 90% of the time when things go wrong there’s always someone else with me to laugh about it the next day or to scream right beside me until we arrive on the other side of the waterfall safely.

Adrenaline Will See you Through

If, like me, you’ve actually been in situations that could be considered a little bit dangerous just trust that adrenaline will keep you safe. I’m not a scientist but apparently it starts the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome within us and helps to get us through the fear. This is for anything from your skydive adventure to the moment you’re running away from gunshots - know that it’ll be ready for you whenever the moment occurs. Some people dread that feeling but I honestly love feeling a little scared when trying something new, it’s good for you and makes you a little braver for next time!

Start Small & Work Up

If you’re a first time traveller, it’s going to be a little daunting! You’re going to be a little nervous no matter what so start small, you can still do a round the world trip but maybe spend your first week in one place to get used to hostel living, or start with a destination that speaks your home language so it’s slightly less intimidating. But don’t be fooled, a lot of the locals speak English in Thailand so you don’t have to hit somewhere like Australia first if you don’t want to! Even if you start with a tour and then head off alone, each step you take will be making you a more experienced traveller, and the nerves will continue to dance away. Saying this, with my old fear of heights, I found it easier to just jump out of a plane than stand on the edge of a cliff and work my way up…

Keep Calm & Carry On

Cheesy saying found on every coffee mug in England, but it’s the words couldn’t be more truthful. Keep calm, keep your head on straight and keep going. When you’re travelling there are good days and bad days, but if you keep travelling you’ll end up somewhere new and somewhere better - it’s pretty much a fact. I doubt even the most seasoned backpacker could ever go around the world enough to get to every awe inspiring place in the world.With time, fears subside so feel better knowing that and keep running towards that sunset.

You Can Always Go Home

This is definitely not something I would encourage you to do, but as a last resort if everything goes wrong it’s something to keep in mind! For my first trip when I wasn’t too confident, however knowing that whatever happened I could just hop on a plane back did push the nerves away and it wasn't long before I loved it. The idea was always super comforting though. When you book a year adventure it seems so daunting, a year is a long time so knowing that if someone goes majorly wrong, abroad or at home, I can hop back easily.  

I really am no different than an average gal, could do with losing a few pounds here and there, wishes she could have perhaps committed to learning the piano better when she was young and could have tried harder at school when it came to team sports. If I, and all the other adventure travel bloggers, can get up and run around the world so can you! Most of us get ourselves into crazy situations because of our love of life. We will say yes to any new experience, or to anyone willing to explore a new destination with us. Our stories are born from these moments of sheer insanity or just bad luck but I promise you every one is a cracking story from finding a beach paradise to being chased by a local tribe who think you stole their goat. So smash through those nerves and get going - you won’t regret it!