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Oh hello there Twitter tribe - thanks for checking in! Welcome to the world of MillieGoes, our travel blog for all things adventure. From destination features all the way to handy hints & tips for all things backpacker to glampacker, it’s your one stop shop for anyone looking for a little advice from someone in the know. But who is Millie anyway?

Having travelled the globe since she was 18, there is never enough time to see everything but the aim is to give it a good shot! With over 65 countries visited so far, there’s still so much to see and more importantly, so much more to share with you all! From a little town in ye old England, now living in the geothermic land that is New Zealand, she can’t stop & won’t stop exploring.

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Still want to know more about Millie? Keep scrolling to the end of the page to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions she gets about herself!

who is millie

  1. Favourite Destination - Cuba

  2. Favourite Airline - Qatar

  3. Beverage Of Choice - Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

  4. Favourite City - Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

  5. Favourite Movie - Dirty Dancing

  6. Where She Grew Up - Taunton, England

  7. Finished Education - 18

  8. First Time On A Plane - 4

  9. Where Does She Live Now - New Zealand

  10. How Old Is She Now - 25

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