Sugar Beach - Mauritius (Honeymoon by Victoria Tso)



It was all over. I'd made it down the aisle with my day transformed into a whirlwind of smiles, photos, family, friends and dancing; absolutely the best day of my life. But, after the busiest and most exciting 10 hours of my life it was all done - I was now looking forward to a fortnight of sun, sex and cocktails at sugar beach resort, Mauritius. After a rather turbulent 11 hour flight we touched down at 5am and made our way through customs. We booked an all inclusive package which included a swanky car and a smartly dressed taxi man holding a sign - "Mr and Mrs Tso". Oh so grown up and so MARRIED.  There was no shortage of sunshine and cocktails awaiting us on arrival while our bags were taken to our room and we were shown around.

The room was pretty swish, if I do say so myself! We had a king size bed, bath and shower, seating area, mini fridge (which was included in our all inclusive package) and a beautiful balcony with cushioned sun beds. All I can say is that I was fairly pleased with how this whole marriage thing was starting out.

Now in these kind of resorts, you always know the that the dining room will never disappoint. The MASSIVE dining hall held a massive buffet with everything you could want for breakfast from full English to pancakes and waffles (can I hear you say yum?). There were also live cooking stations - first where you could select ingredients to be made into an omelette for you, and my favourite - a juice press, simply choose the fresh fruits you desire and have them squished down into a juicy beverage before your eyes. Dinner was similarly spectacular with a different country's traditional foods each night. Lunch was served at the pool bar or the tides restaurant and provided a varied menu so yep, I could tan AND eat. Let’s just all say what you’re all thinking - YES I gained 5lbs over these two weeks and NO I don’t regret it. Not. One. Tiny. Teeny. Bit. It’s stressful being a bride so I only gained back what I had already lost from being a little bit nervous for the big day.

So, about the island? Mauritius is a French speaking and found off of the coast of Africa, to the East of Madagascar (sadly no King Julian can be found here despite being close). The island is tropical and has its summer season from October to April. The Mauritian winter however still boasts a majority of sunny days with temperatures of around 26 degrees. There are however, the occasional cyclones which lead to 3ish days of cloud and some very heavy showers. Sugar beach resort is on the west coast of Mauritius and our driver informed us that the best tourist destinations are on the west and north coast but there still seemed plenty to do on the south if you wanted to head that way.

The French and English battled for ownership of Mauritius for centuries providing some rich history. We visited an English defensive tower and saw how the soldiers would have defended themselves from siege and the huge cannon which could fire at the French ships in the bay. The coolest part of Mauritian history however is it’s natural history. Mauritius is the last place the famed Dodo ever lived, and the last one is stuffed in the museum (that part is a little creepy, but still really cool!)

Fish Experience Inc Dolphin Swim

It’s true, you only live once, and I like to live once in style. So I made the charming Mr Tso, my new hubby, pay a rather silly amount of money for a days fishing experience (oh to be frivolous)! The day included an early start to ensure we could swim up close and personal with a pod of wild dolphins, a snorkel session out on the reef, 3 hours of deep sea fishing and a BBQ of seafood. This included any fish we catch, and was based around an uninhabited island - all in the comfort of a private speed boat driven by our two qualified skippers. Now here is where I want to do a shout out to these guys - skippers on these boats work so hard and provide tip top service. They really make the day with their insider knowledge of the area and know the best place to find the animals.

Our dolphin swim was truly magical and literally breathtaking, jumping into the deep Indian Ocean while watching the sun rise - UGH can I hear you shout heaven?! But once you've blown the water out of your snorkel and got your head beneath the blue, the sight of these beautiful creatures so close is simply awe inspiring. We swam with a pretty large pod of est. 50 skipper dolphins and one of our local escorts jumped in with us to point our eyes in the right direction. These guys swam pretty close at one point and I couldn’t have been more than 5m away from a mother and baby (CUTE). We snapped away with our underwater camera but unfortunately we made the mistake of going budget and not investing in a high quality underwater camera. So no good pictures unfortunately, but if you look to the left, squint a little, shine a torch on and hold it up to the light you can kinda see the shape that is a dolphin.  Luckily in Mauritius the Dolphins bring in much more income as a tourist attraction than by being hunted so they are safe here. However, we all know this isn’t the case in a lot of the world and getting so close to these animals has made me sit up a little straighter when it comes to dolphin conservation.

Back on the boat we revelled in our experience as we headed to the reef to snorkel. We swam with masses of brightly coloured fish of all sizes, saw squid and my husband enjoyed diving down as deep as he could to see the reef even closer - men hey? He had also sneaked a mini loaf of bread from breakfast and the fish swarmed around him eating from his hands. Once recovered we headed out to deeper waters for some fishing, feeling like David Attenborough should be with us as we came across a beautiful sperm whale before she swam away. Unfortunately, I don’t speak whale like Dory from Finding Nemo, but obviously they heard by thoughts as even more whales joined us only minutes later! We were able to get really close to the magnificent creatures as the enjoyed the deep waters surrounding the island.

The day ended with us catching four skipjack tuna and us munching away at it on the beach (again, a chance to tan and eat at the same time - score).  Overall our day worth every penny and I would 100% recommend paying the extra to have the boat exclusively. The skippers were able to go exactly where we wanted and we were able to spend longer with the Dolphins and whales than we could with a group. It also meant they could take photos of us so we could enjoy the day fully without hiding behind the lense and that we had a private tour guide in the sea pointing out the dolphins to us.

We did also go on another day trip, the Thompson cruise, which took place a bigger boat with us and three other couples. We had a great day and a good laugh and the skippers had planted bottles of rum around the reef! So the more bottles we found, the more we could drink - I thought the rule was never swim drunk but I’m NOT sorry to say we did. There was singing and dancing with the locals after a few I can tell you! The cruise was certainly worth the money and a great day out but for those once in a life time experiences you sometimes have to pay a little more!

All in all, I had the most incredible stay at Sugar Beach and I can't wait to go back!

This post was not sponsored by Sugar Beach Hotel & Spa and has been written to share a good experience with readers. Where sponsorship has been provided for a review, this will be fully disclosed.