Travelling with MillieGoes - Jess Fournier

Travel Buddy Jess, who put up with me for over 3 months while gallivanting through Oceania, has written something up below to let you know what I'm really like... At least she was nice about it! Want to know how to find the perfect Travel Buddy? Read up my tips here

Choosing a travel buddy is a decision that can seem small, but in reality it’s actually a really big commitment. You spend all day everyday with your buddy and for some that can be overwhelming, however Camilla and I survived 3 months without an argument despite being very different people. We used our differences to our advantages and both of us stepped outside our of comfort zones thanks to the other. Our differences meant we always had something to talk about; having come from different backgrounds, going to different schools and having different aspirations allowed us to learn a lot form each other.

We started our adventure in New Zealand and I think one of the best things we did was climb Mount Eden at sunset. It was our first proper night away from home (where we weren’t stuck on a plane) and it allowed us to talk about what we both wanted to experience in the next three months of freedom. New Zealand was one of the coolest countries I’ve ever been to with the most beautiful scenery. The country renowned for extreme sports definitely lived up to its expectation with us skydiving, black water rafting, white water rafting and climbing up Mount Doom (Tongariro). Whilst we there, we learnt a lot about each other mainly that Camilla is the most organised human being on the planet, whereas I am not. I get where I need to be but am ridiculously laid back when to comes to planning and being on time. There must have been times where Mills was pulling her hair out but would know how to chivvy me along without us having a row, and for that I fully commend her.

We hit Australia after 6 weeks together, so by this time we had routines and were used to being with each other 24/7. Aus brought us new challenges with Camilla falling ill whilst we were staying in Noosa at Flashpackers Hostel which was one of the cleanest, nicest hostels we stayed in. This involved an emergency trip to the doctors to get antibiotics, but she survived to tell the tale and that’s all that matters! In this country, Mills swam with a crocodile, we toured Ayres rock, dived on the Great Barrier Reef and sailed Whitsundays along with walking a lot of Australia’s beautiful coastland. We made sure that each other was able to have the time to do what we wanted and that’s a really essential thing if you’re going to get along with your buddy.

Our final destination was Fiji and I can say we definitely saved the best until last. This place was paradise. We travelled around the mainland first before doing island hopping for around ten days. The beaches here were beyond beautiful and we got to swim in some of the riches corals in the world. Swimming with manta rays was definitely one of the highlights for both us and I’m sure it’s an experience that we will forever remember. We drank far too much kava and spent our days lazing in hammocks, kayaking or exploring the islands. It was a luxurious end to what had felt like the longest time living out of back pack.

Overall, I had the time of my life travelling with Mills and I’m sure if I ever go back to Aus, New Zealand or Fiji with anybody else I will have a completely different experience. I think that is one of the beauties of travelling and I hope she remembers our time together with as much fondness I as do. Sure, we had our differences but we made them work in our favour and writing this has brought back many fond memories that I hope stay with me for the rest of my life.  

Jess - you're awesome! This just goes to show what great friends you can make on the road and travel with.