Valentine's Day for a Single Traveller

Valentine's Day is upon us once again, and once again it's a day that highlights to us singletons just how single and alone we really are. It reminds us that no matter how much chocolate and ice cream we eat to fill that little crack of heartbreak that we've encountered along the years, it's never going to fix it. If you're in love and in that ‘honeymoon’ stage of your relationship, it's one of the best days of the year after your birthday and Christmas, a day where you can enjoy huge public displays of affection and look at each other with those gooey eyes of love. I am, however, much more in the Bridget Jones boat after Hugh Grant, and (hopefully) before meeting my Colin Firth. This year though, I thought that instead of hating everyone who gets beautiful bouquets of flowers around me, I’d reflect on the one constant love in my life that has never let me down and will forever be with me - travel.


The greatest love affair I will ever chase is wanderlust, and that love is a true adventure. It is, and always will be, the most epic rollercoaster I could wish to find. Travel has only brought joy into my life, it's helped me grow and has led me to the most beautiful places on our planet. My sense of adventure has never let me down, it may have gotten me into a little (or a lot!) of trouble over the years but it’ll always be there looking out for me. It's even cured me of some broken hearts over the years too, filling those broken fragments with new experiences & adventures showing me that I really can do anything, either on my own or with someone else.

Finding love on the road may not be possible in a traditional sense, but you will sure find it in bucket loads if you open your eyes wide enough.

Finding love on the road may not be possible in a traditional sense, but you will sure find it in bucket loads if you open your eyes wide enough.

I may not have met mr right during all my travels, but I've certainly found so much love and that's what Valentine's Day is all about isn't it? I've fallen in love with counties, with a sunset / sunrise that helped create the most perfect moment. I've seen how people celebrate love in different cultures for not only each other, but for their gods and beliefs. Travelling has led me to some of the greatest friendships I've ever known, and that in itself has built me a family of fellow explorers who I love and will hold close to me forever - how could you not after dancing in the rain together in a thunderstorm or dived out of planes in tandem? Sharing beautiful moments with beautiful souls - it's been the greatest gift I've ever received and that I, once again, have my sense of wanderlust to thank!


So, if you're like me and are feeling a little worse for wear this Valentine's, wishing you had that one special someone. Remember that love isn't just like in the movies, you can find love in a moment, a friendship or even the way a song makes you feel. Take the plunge and go ahead solo for a while like me above, I may not be the most graceful but I sure do get to experience it all. Celebrate the love you do have and don't focus on the one type of love you don't have - he's not worth it anyway!