Freelance writer as well as a world traveller, Millie has gained a lot of experience in this industry over the years! From working with major brands on promotional pieces, to being a brand ambassador and social media manager you can count on her for professional and timely work for whatever your needs!

Writing in a personal and engaging manner, Millie's style is as if she is talking to friends creating an instant connection with her readers, providing practical advice. She is full of passion and energy, an excellent advocate in promoting your services if they are deserving! 


Need help boosting your presence on social media? I can help! Starting from shoutouts to your brand all the way to helping to manage your accounts, packages are available to suit your every need

The list here is endless! From press trips and becoming a brand ambassador to advertising and writing articles for you, I'm happy to partner up in any way you desire to help out

A fledgling new tour or an innovative hotel or hostel you want to have the good word spread about, just let me know! I've worked with all kinds of services to help let the world know about how awesome they are

The MillieGoes brand reaches over 45,000 people a month* with a break down of the following from google & social media analytics:

  • 33.33% US Citizens

  • 21.84% UK Citizens

  • 14.94% NZ Citizens

  • Readership includes Canada, Australia and plenty more

  • 39.6% Male Followers

  • 61.4% Female Followers

MillieGoes has a social media following that is growing fast! Starting in August 2015 we have already reached the following numbers*:

  • Instagram - 65,000 followers

  • Twitter - 110,000 followers

  • Facebook - 2000 followers

Total Social Media Followers - 177,000


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At MillieGoes, we abide by the legal requirements for all sponsored posts. In the United States and United Kingdom by which this blog is governed, it is not only my moral obligation to my readers but is also required by law for me to state if a post has been sponsored. This will be done tastefully and tactfully however will always be done and is fully non negotiable.


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*As of April 2019